At What Age is a Child Ready for Bike Trailers?

Baby bike trailers are an efficient way of transporting the children when they are young and can’t do this on their own. They are an excellent way of spending some quality time with your kids and exploring the world together on a bike ride.

Bike trailers are a much safer way of transporting the kids as compared to the mounted seats. Also, they are much more comfortable and efficient in working.

Therefore, your kids are sure to have an exciting time riding with their parents. However, an important question arises related to the safety of the child when riding in the baby trailer, “At what age is a child ready for bike trailers?”

First of all, we need to realize that a child too young or an infant is prone to more severe injuries in case of an accident as compared to an adult. Therefore, we always need to stay vigilant to avoid any mishap.

The suitable age for bike trailers

A common thought is that a child is ready for bike trailers when it can support its head on its own without the need for additional support. This occurs ideally when the child is in between the age of 12 months to 18 months.

This means that a child older than a year who can sit up appropriately is able enough to be placed in a bike trailer. The reason for this is that a child less than one year can not support its head correctly.

Therefore, any sudden shocks or impact on their head or back can prove to be dangerous since they yet have a weak body formation.

Moreover, a bike trailer like any other means of transporting the kid on a bike has a chance to meet an accident. Under such a case, a baby in the trailer could inflict serious injuries, especially if it is less than 12-months old.

To avoid that, we need to wait for the baby to be at least a year old for its better good. We should not hesitate to wait for the right time for them to ride in the bike trailer.

For further safety, make sure to get a bike trailer with ball and socket joint along with five-point harness system. Also, find an excellent fitted helmet and make sure to put it on the head of the kid before leaving for the ride. Tightly buckling the child is also essential.

Follow the one-year rule

Although every state and country has different laws and regulations however, the most common law associated with riding with a baby is the one year rule.

As the name suggests, you are allowed to ride with a baby only after it is one year old and not before that. This law is strictly followed in New York, and you should act upon it to no matter where you belong to as it is for the best of the baby.

Furthermore, consulting any doctor or health professional will also yield the same response that the babies must only be carried on a bike after they are at least one-year-old.

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